Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shag Carpet

Wonderfully soft and thick shag carpeting create a warm and cozy atmosphere of the salon. Carpets, shaggy delight extensive range of colors, are modern, warm, and despite appearances, easy to keep clean.

Shaggy carpet is vast room decoration, and therefore ideally suited as a rug in salonie.Przy choice to the living room carpet, we should take into account the colors of the other pieces of equipment room, and then reflect on the contrast or color-matched carpet.

Great choice of colors, allows us to choose the customized carpet inside the living room, with the hottest trend is the decisive choice of colors - the carpet becomes the dominant decorative element. The carpet in the living room you can also choose the tone in tone to the color cuts or furniture - carpet becomes a perfect complement to the interior.

A properly selected carpet in the living room will allow us to highlight the selected part of the room, yet emphasize the beauty of the floor. It is not worth too much to choose carpet, covering the entire surface of the floor nor too small relative to the size of the room. A good idea is to put a carpet on the couch or coffee table. The carpet will emphasize the character of this place and make the rest will be enjoyable.
There are several types of carpets shaggy: vary the length and thickness of hair weaving and density of the material of which they are made. Cheap carpets, shaggy carpets are usually acrylic. It is a good clean, not alert and keep a sufficient thermal insulation. shaggy rugs made ​​of natural wool are much more expensive. But deciding on a wool carpet, you should remember that it may sensitize a wool fleece, especially at the beginning of use tends to be telling.

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