Sunday, January 22, 2012

woven carpets

There are many types of fabrics which are woven carpets and embroidered carpets.
Fabrics have different resistance to wear.
There are many differences in styling and sewing dywanów.Co how a fault in the craft of carpet tailor method (different shades of hair in carpets befouled type is a normal type carpets Norman.
One of the divisions of the world's carpet is a region in which it was sewn.
Cultural Differences May a great influence on the type of fabric zużutej sewing and sewing carpet the same way.
We distinguish between:
The methods of staining carpets are also different depending on the fabric and the region of the world which are szyte.Inaczej is colored woolen carpet, hand-sewn Afghan otherwise.
Dyes may be natural, mineral, aniline or chrome. The oriental rug warp and weft are its foundation, and the hair usually decides about its durability. To ensure the longevity of carpet, it should be kept clean, dirt and sand carpet fiber clash, what sometimes can be seen on the edges of the braided and long brzegów.Niezbedna / is the systematic care and vacuuming.
Note that despite the fact that the Oriental rug should be seen as a work of art, its purpose is to go after him. Hand-woven carpet is usually very durable and can use it without fear. In fact, the normal use carpet will become over time more and more beautiful!

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