Sunday, January 22, 2012

A dirty carpet

Everyone should realize that it's not on furniture or on the dance floor, but just in the carpet is the most dirt and dust, which is a great apartment for bacteria and mites. The question then arises as to cultivate the carpet, since every day we go after him even several times a day.Daily dirt, accumulated dust, sand or remove affixed with a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate power of suction. Remember to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week, otherwise you may trigger a allergy to dust and dirt. Freshly formed with juice stains, coffee, or wine are best removed immediately by means of washing carpets or using table salt, rub the stain with a damp cloth (not soaking leading to the surface).
However, the daily operation of a carpet or carpet makes between the fibers collect dirt, which can not eliminate dusting. What's more dust is rubbed into the carpet, the colors fade and the fibers are not flexible or elastic. In short, sand, and crumbs in the carpet wdeptywane reduce its life. It is recommended that regular washing of carpets at least twice per year, assuming normal product use. This allows dirt will not nawarstwiał, the carpet will be refreshed, and his pronounced colors. Wet carpet washing causes the fleece is combing, and thus the carpet becomes more resilient.The frequency of carpet depends most of his life-that of the hall will be much more likely than wash the carpet in the bedroom. The more times a day after the move, the more time we spend in that room the more it will be dirty, and so it must be washed frequently.
So if you care for your carpet for a long time retained its original carpet in addition to daily treatments also remember to wash it thoroughly, so the colors will be like new carpet will enhance its vitality, and improve well-being more allergenic who feel most strongly gathered in carpet dust

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