Sunday, January 22, 2012

Types of cleaning products

The cleaners are great allies in the time to leave the house in order. But before using any product, you must pay attention to packaging information to know how they work and where they can be used correctly, without the risk of damaging objects or any item in the house. Know the functions and know how to use cleaning products correctly to a more effective cleaning.
Bleach or disinfectantThe bleach or disinfectant has the function of bleach, which serves both for clothes and to clean the house. The product can be used to desencardir clothes, but only parts white, as in touch with colorful fabrics cause permanent stains. To clean the house, has the function bleach to disinfect the backyard, the kitchen floors and bathroom tiles, especially inside the box.
AlcoholAlcohol is effective in cleaning appliances, mirrors, Formica furniture and bathroom fixtures such as toilet, sink and tiles. The product can be found in the composition with a combination of alcohol and detergent or gel form, to prevent accidents at home.
To use alcohol in domestic service, simply moisten a clean cloth and wipe the surface. Remember that before applying the product directly on the mobile device or appliance is advisable to do a test on a small piece or hide to see if it will not show stains right away.
Chlorine-free bleach powderThere are two types of bleach: powder and liquid, both without chlorine in its composition. The bleach powder is used to remove stains from colored fabrics fade and whitening without the part. Since the liquid bleach, used to remove tough stains like lipstick, coffee, wine. The correct way to use bleach is to mix the product with water and leave it for the time indicated on the packaging.

DegreaserProducts based on degreasing, as the name says, eliminate all the fat and keep the tiles, flooring and appliances such as stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator clean and bright without that greasy and greasy appearance.
Besides being widely used in the kitchen, the degreaser can also be effective for cleaning the bathroom in boxing, tile, and sink to the ground. To use the product correctly, simply apply with a sponge or cloth soft side on the object and then finish with a dry cloth to ensure thorough cleaning and brighter.
DetergentThe liquid detergent is specially made to wash dishes, but is also effective in cleaning the surface of any room in the house, especially the bathroom, tiles and pieces such as sink, glass shower and toilet.
Besides possessing degreasing action, the product also fights germs, bacteria and keeps the household cleaner and brighter. At the time of use, 2 to 3 drops of the product are sufficient. Use the soft side of sponge to scrub the desired area and remove the product with the help of a damp cloth or even water.
WiperAs the name implies, the wiper removes all the dirt and grime on glass and mirrors effectively. To use it correctly, just spray the product on the glass or mirror you want, and clean with a dry cloth and smooth. Avoid terry cloth because loose hair. Always make a circular motion so that the surface does not get stained.
RemoverThe remover should be used before waxing the floor, it is effective to remove the old wax from concrete floors and wood floors. The product also serves to clean carpets and rugs.
To remove the wax from the floor, just mix ½ cup product with 5 liters of water. With a cloth dipped in the product, apply it to the surface and allow to dry for a few minutes. As for carpet cleaning, soak a stiff bristle brush and medium-sized product in a mixture with water and brush the place up all the dirt out.
VinegarVinegar is great not only to flavor foods such as salads and other cooking secrets, but can also be a powerful ally hours of housecleaning. The liquid has an antibacterial action and is multipurpose, it still serves as a great disinfectant and neutralizing odors. It can be used to clean windows, mirrors, tiles, computer monitor and TV, walls, cabinets, carpets, cups and bowls, appliances. Besides being free of toxic substances, vinegar is an inexpensive product.

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