Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bamboo Floor Care

Once you've had your beautiful new bamboo flooring installed can be assured that looks great and is many years of use and enjoyment by properly caring. Bamboo flooring is very durable and looks much better than most other types of wood floors. By protecting it from damage, will ensure its longevity. It will be a source of enjoyment for your family and guests for years to come. Here are some suggestions for establishing the right way to provide the care required by your bamboo floor for the long life you deserve.
First and foremost, if you are using rugs on the floor of bamboo sure do not have a rubber backing. Rubber Backed carpets can easily damage a wood floor and bamboo is no exception. The rubber coating allows the plant to breathe properly and can cause discoloration of bamboo flooring.
In this sense, be sure to place protective pads under any furniture legs that are in contact with the ground. Be sure to use pills that are backed with thick cloth or felt. This will prevent pressure from furniture to a drain leading into bamboo flooring over time. Never allow heavy furniture being dragged across the floor. This could lead to unsightly and rubs overcuts. Deep enough places would be much more expensive to repair than it would for what they really want to do everything possible to avoid them.
Prevention got down, now how clean it?
One thing I do is to prevent spills when possible. If allowed to stand for an extended period of time in your bamboo plant a spill could lead to discoloring. Make sure you get the spill as quickly as possible when they occur. You can usually easily removed by simple strokes clear up what was spilled, then wipe the surface lightly with a damp cloth and a little vinegar water. Some manufacturers may recommend a particular type of cleaner right for your particular soil type. If the manufacturer recommends a certain type of cleaner, then you should try using that mark if possible so potentially void the warranty of flats.
This goes for general cleaning. Be sure to use a soft bristle broom to sweep the floor free of dirt and dust often so no chance to accumulate and cause damage to your beautiful word. A dust RP can make a very good tool to use due to the fact that there has bristles that can leave minute scratches that can lead to damage over time. In this case, prevention can be a powerful tool. Placing a mat at each entry, you can ensure that family and friends do not track dirt in your beautiful floor have to worry about cleaning. A friend suggested I keep an ancient Asian custom worldwide to have to remove their shoes upon entering. He said he helped to promote cultural awareness while saving you time cleaning.
No matter how you look at the magnificent new bamboo flooring can last for decades if properly cared for. Making sure to keep it clean will extend its life dramatically. Enjoy!

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